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Welcome to KOEMA!
Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association is the organization which was founded in 1990 under article of the Industrial Development Act to contribute to the promotion of Korea's electrical industry and the development of Korea's national economy.
Chairman Koo, Ja-Kyun
The number of members, which was only 117 at the time of foundation, has been increasing to over 220, ranging from the electrical industry to stateowned power companies and relevant Academic-Industrial authorities. In addition, KOEMA is growing as a foundation institution for Korea’s electrical industry with communications and relationships with over 50 relevant organizations around the world.
Recently, Korea’s electrical industry is suffering from difficulties attributable to the slump in the domestic economy and unlimited competition in the global market. Furthermore, it is expected that the entrance into free trade agreements with more countries will increase the pressure on the opening of Korea’s electrical industry to foreigners.
Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association (KOEMA) and Korea Electrical Industry Technology Research Association (KEITRA) are therefore planning to establish a solid foundation for the communication and empathy with members by establishing a close cooperative system with relevant organizations including the government, state-owned power companies, research institutions, and academic community on a long term basis from a future-oriented perspective to achieve USD 40 billion exports by 2020 and enable Korea secure a position as one of the world’s Top 5 players in the global electrical industry.
We promise that we will commit our utmost efforts to develop Korea’s electrical industry as the main drive force for national growth. We also expect your continuous attention and support.
Thank you.
2020. 02
Chairman Koo, Ja-Kyun
Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association
Korea Electrical Industry Technology Research Association